Dialectical Behavioural Therapy

So DBT can be a scary prospect, I mean group therapy, can that really help? Sharing your thoughts and feelings with a room full of random strangers. Yes as it turns out it can help a lot.

The strangers quickly became friends and suddenly I wasn’t alone, other people had the same problems as me. I was in a group of intelligent and accomplished people whose lives had sadly been marred by mental health issues. I can’t express how grateful I am for meeting these people, for being allowed into their world’s, hearing their stories and for their endless encouragement.

The course itself was also incredibly helpful, the core principle of mindfulness is taught throughout along with 3 other aspects, distress tolerance, emotional regulation and interpersonal effectiveness, with a different “skill” being taught and then practiced each week.

Personally I found the distress tolerance and emotional regulation most helpful. Being able to look at emotions in a different way and learning when they are truly justified has helped me to move away from negative behaviour patterns, I can now cope with my sometimes extremes distress and anxiety and my interactions with others are much easier and more honest.

I will admit sometimes there are still bad days when nothing I do seems to console me and I try to cling to some of those more negative coping strategies I spent so long perfecting, but those days are getting fewer.

For anyone who is considering DBT I would definitely say give it a go, and if you do give it a go also go give if a chance, it can seems a little strange and scary at first but it has helped a lot of people and it can help you too.


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