Back at The Climbing Centre

After a few months of climbing regularly I was starting to get stronger and a bit better, I was used to progression in my life going slowly. I just tried to enjoy the experience and most of the time I did, even if I could only get half way up the wall.

Then finally the day came I got to the top of something and it felt good, I climbed the same route many times again before the centre reset the wall, it became my favourite, the one I knew I couldn’t fail at. I then started getting to the top of the higher walls and my confidence increased, at least I could now climb at a consistent grade.

Then came the fun of climbing in the dark, an event at the climbing centre where they give everyone a head torch and turn out the lights. It was another new experience, I was doing something interesting with friends, it made me feel closer to the normal I was seeking.

Sadly not long after this the climbing centre routine fell apart, my friend from work stopped coming and everything became disorganised. I still go to the centre but not as much as I would like, I’ve lost my confidence in climbing and even after managing that first time, so hard as it was to go alone, I’m still afraid to do it again.

Writing this makes me realise it’s time to be brave again and let go of my fear of doing things alone, to put myself out there, maybe I will make another friend or at the very least prove to myself I can still go out and do the things that scare me.


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