I Walk Alone

I had wanted to start hill walking for a while, problem was I didn’t have anyone local to go with and I couldn’t drive. I pondered joining a hill walking group but I was just too scared to make that leap. I thought about the options I did have and made up a route of beaches, cliffs and a dene, which I could start from home, no transport involved and sadly no hills either.

And off I go on a freezing cold and windy day to walk 12 miles on my own. Would I even be able to walk that far? I would probably just get bored or cold and go home, or so I thought. For the first 3 miles I was bored and really couldn’t be bothered at all, why am I doing this?

But after the 3 mile mark I started to enjoy it, the simplicity of just putting one foot in front of the other was therapeutic and the change of scenery was a pleasant distraction from my thoughts, even the cold wasn’t bothering me.

So on I walked feeling more at peace with each passing mile. Completing the whole route I had planned. I did feel a sense of satisfaction that for once I had actually completed what I set out to do.

I continued to walk my little route each weekend for the few months and enjoyed it more each time, it cleared my mind and got me out of the house each weekend. I still enjoy walking so much, it’s now become a big part of my life and thankfully I found some hills and even some folks to walk up them with eventually.


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