Time to STOP Smoking

After my first successful venture into the hills it became pretty clear that I needed to stop smoking. I struggled so much with my chest and breathing on the walk it was actually embarrassing. I had smoked since I was 12 and never really considered giving up before, but now I had a pretty good reason – Mountaineers don’t smoke!

I had been encouraged for some time by several friends to use a vape. Admittedly I always thought they looked kind of stupid and didn’t really see the point, but I was finally persuaded.

Off to the shop I went, it was a confusing place there were too many options. After sometime I finally made a purchase, I was thinking why am I spending £60 on this, I will probably be back smoking in a few days anyway, but I also like to spend money so I didn’t really think for long.

It was hard at first but it quickly became normal to smoke this instead. I was genuinely surprised at how well it worked, I was expecting it to be a total failure but even my extreme pessimism couldn’t stop it from working.

I’ve had a few slip ups and bought a few packs of cigarettes along the way, but I’ve pretty much stopped smoking now apart from the odd one! Only problem is I now can’t stop smoking the vape.

I can now breathe slightly better on the hills, and I’m sure my lungs will catch up with my legs eventually.

As a method of giving up smoking I would definitely recommend it. I didn’t really feel a lot of willpower was required on my part. Not sure how to stop vaping now, but it still feels like a step in the right direction.


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