My First Wild Camp

After a day in the woods with the walking group it was time for my first wild camp. A friend from the group had kindly lent me a tent and sleeping bag so I would be able to come as I still didn’t have any camping gear at this point.

I was excited and nervous as I had not done any camping since I was a teenager. I was worried about spending this much time with the new people I had met, what if they realised they didn’t like me? What if I struggled to cope with the new situation? It felt like a very big step to take.

After arriving and setting up our tents and a tarp to shelter us from the wind and occasional rain we made an amazing fire which kept us so warm. It was still early spring so the night was cold and damp. We had hot drinks and food, everything provided by the more experienced in the group.

I sat mesmerized by the fire and content in the peace of the quiet cold spring night. Still in back of mind was worry and doubt but I tried my best to silence those thoughts and managed to do a pretty good job of telling my head to shut up. I felt looked after by the people I was with, like they really wanted to be my friends and for once I didn’t actually feel frightened by this prospect, unfortunately such feelings rarely last long in my mind.

After hours of talking, eating and watching the fire it was time for bed. I felt warm, cosy and safe inside the tent which was a surprise, I had assumed I would be uncomfortable and cold but it really was a great night’s sleep.

In the morning the sky was beautiful as we had hot drinks and packed away our camp. We went to a local town and had breakfast and spent another enjoyable day together on a local moor.

While it’s certainly not the wildest spot I’ve stayed its easily accessible and has a great view which makes it a winner, I have stayed there several times since and it’s always been a nice experience.

All in all I had a great first time wild camping, despite the nervousness and strong anxiety I had felt I still definitely felt better about myself when I got home.


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