Striding Edge

I was for the very first time about to step onto a ridge I was scared and did not know what to expect. After all I get scared everywhere it seemed to my primary setting in life, I was scared bouldering, walking on scree, even walking on the snowy slabs of the Pennine way.

I’m just so scared of falling I still can’t get past the fear but I’m going to keep trying.

We started the slog up the hill as usual I was lacking in energy due to not eating, I decided to stop and eat something which seemed to wake up my legs, as we walked further up towards the start of the ridge I was feeling pretty good but there was still apprehension of what lay ahead.

We had done some scrambling the previous day on Scafell and I think this and the fact I had stood on top and actually enjoyed the journey too had made me feel a lot more confident about my ability to do things. I just felt generally happy that weekend after walking camping and having fun with the friends in was starting to feel closer too.

We were finally there and to my and I think everyone else’s surprise I walked straight out onto striding edge, the first bit was pretty wide and flat but soon narrowed so I ducked down to a side path after feeling unsure. Then we were back up onto the ridge for the final part I felt ok up there again, we reached the end of the Rocky ridge and climbed down and continued up to the top of Helvellyn.

I felt really good like I had actually achieved something, one very small step closer to climbing a bigger mountain however slow progress was being made, it still felt like a step forward.


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